AquaOmega Plant Based Omega 3 Orange Flavoured 225 ml

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  • AquaOmega Plant Based Omega 3 Orange Flavoured 225 ml
  • AquaOmega Plant Based Omega 3 Liquid-Ingredients
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AquaOmega Plant Based Omega 3 Orange Flavoured 225 ml:

All of AquaOmega products are in a premium triglyceride form.

AquaOmega vegan uses algal oil as source of fish oil.

AquaOmega is in a superior triglyceride form so that the product is more bioavailable while also less likely to cause any fish burps!

AquaOmega uses monk fruit to sweeten our product. AquaOmega avoids artificial sweeteners and sugar all together; and flavours are natural concentrates from fruits

AquaOmega contains no fillers at all, there are flavored and completely flavouring free versions of the capsule products.

AquaOmega's every single lot tested by IFOS. (International Fish Oil Standards). These results can ben seen on their website.

IngredientsAlgal oil : 1/2 tablespoon (DHA 2000 mg, EPA 40 mg), cranberry seed oil, natural flavour (grape/orange), monk fruit extract, rosemary leaf extract

Purity: There are no artificial ingredients in our products. gluten free, soy free and GMO free, IFOS certified for purity. There is absolutely no shellfish in AquaOmega products.

Suggested Dose: Take 1.5 tsp daily. Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening.

About AquaOmega:  imports only the purest raw materals and is proud to manufacture, process, blend, flavour and package all products in Canada.

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