How to place an Order Online at Health Palace Website

Buying at Health Palace Online Store is easy, quick and simple. This manual will guide you step by step to a successful purchase through graphic explanations.



 How to search a product:

To start, search the product you want to order:

I. Go to the “search” box at the top of the page near our phone number. If you don´t know the exact name of the product enter the key words. Try to be as accurate as possible.



A menu will be displayed with the products that most closely match the key words. You can select your wanted product directly from here or click on "See all products" to view more results.


II. If you know the exact name of the product then enter it in “double quotes”


Then click on the button “Search”


Select the wanted product or products and quantity and then click on the button “Add to Cart” to include it into your order.


Once that you add the product to your cart, you'll have the option Pay the product, continue checking our web store, or view/edit your shopping cart.


III. To continue shopping you can use the search box again or the "Categories" and "Popular Brands" menu bars located at the left side of the page.


how-to-place-an-order-8.1.jpg   how-to-place-an-order-9.1.jpg


 Or click the options "Buy by categories" and "Shop by brand" 


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View Cart:

You can see the products you have added to your cart clicking on the option "View Cart" on the main menu bar. You can modify all the order whenever you want before proceeding to check out.


 Now you will see your complete order. If you wish you can make any modifications here, you can change quantities and remove unwanted items by simply clicking on the option “Remove” under the quantity box.


Estimate Shipping & Tax:

To estimate shipping fares and select a shipping method, click on the option “Add info” and fill the camps. When done, click on the button “Estimate Shipping”

how-to-place-an-order-13.1.jpgThen, choose the shipping method you want, and click on “Update Shipping Cost” (Prices are shown next to the shipping method) In case your order is over $99 dollars and a Canadian address is provided, the free shipping option will appear at the top of the options.

how-to-place-an-order-14.jpg Now your payment information will be updated. To continue click on the button “Proceed to check out”


You will be redirected to the “Check Out” screen where you have to follow 5 easy steps to finish your order.

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Check Out (I´m a New Customer):

I. If you haven't create an account with us, you'll have the option of "Continue as a guest", you'll be able to create an account with us if you prefer after you place an order.  We require an email address, so we can send you the information of your order


Now you'll need to put your complete shipping in the next format: 


Confirm the shipping option that you want:



Finally Click on Continue with Paypal to Pay with Credit card or with your PayPal account.


Create a new account:

a) Click on "Continue"

b) Fill the camps and then click on "Bill & Ship to this address"

 You will be automatically sent to step 4 and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Note: If you have log in before proceeding to check out step 2 “Billing & Account Details” will be converted to step 1 and so on.

II.  “Billing & Account Details”. Your account information for billing and shipping will appear here. If you agree click on "Bill & Ship to this address" to continue.



 II.I If you want to use a different address click on the option “I want to use a new billing address” and fill the camps, also use this option if you want to ship to a different address. When done, click on the button "Bill & Ship to this address"


 III.  “Shipping details" will be automatically filled with the information you entered previously.


IV. “Shipping Method”. Choose the shipping method you wish, prices are shown there. Then click on “Continue”.


 V.  “Order Confirmation”. A summary of your order will be showed, please review it carefully. If you agree, click on “Proceed to payment”


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Pay with PayPal:

You will be automatically redirected to PayPal- Health Palace website to complete the order.

To pay by PayPal just enter your PayPal username and password and log in. The payment will be done and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.


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Pay with credit or debit card:

If you don´t have a PayPal account or you want to pay by debit or credit card click on the option “Don´t have a PayPal account?” and fill the camps. When you finish click on the button “Pay”.  The payment will be done and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
























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Order and Pay by Phone

 Call to:


 Office Hours

 M-F 10am-8pm EST
SAT 11am-4pm EST

What happens if I do not have a credit/debit card? Do I can still buy online?

Yes, you can get a prepaid Visa card or a Visa gift card in any Canada Post location. You can pay with them as a normal card in our online store or via phone with one of our representatives.

Visa prepaid cards

Prepaid reloadable Visa cards

Buy your card at any Canada Post location. Load up to $500 on it. Use it right away. Reload your card any time. Visit any of 6,300 Canada Post locations or reload online.

Visa gift Cards

The Canada Post Visa gift card is available at post offices across Canada. You can buy it using cash or debit. For more information you can visit:

Pick up your order at our store:

You can order online or by phone and pick your order at our Toronto location:

3601 Highway 7 Unit 114

Markham, Ontari, L3R0M3

An e-mail will be sent to you with your invoice and a second one within the next 3 days with the date when you can pick up your order.