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Key Nutrients to Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from the Body.


Find out Which Key Nutrients Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from the Body;

Heavy metals are defined as the high density elements and their derivative compounds that are associated with environmental pollution. Examples of these elements include: Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, Gallium, Nickel, and Mercury. Even though chronic accumulation of these toxic elements contributes to various health effects, it is usually less recognized by medical society versus the acute toxicity due to sudden exposure. This article provides information on the source of the toxic elements, the ways of finding out the chronic toxicities, their effects on the body, and proven integrative nutritional therapies to detoxify them from tissues and organs.

Chronic toxicity by toxic elements is developed due to being exposed to low level of toxic element over long time. Signs and symptoms of chronic heavy metal toxicity could be very similar to the other health conditions making it hard to identify. Chronic exposure to the toxic metals is usually resulted from contaminated food, air, water, dust, living close to industrial toxic wastes, toxic containing paints, pesticides, some cosmetics and jewelries.

For example lead is vastly found in old lead containing water pipes, and soil. Mercury is common in industrial and dentistry environment, some of the household devices like thermostats, and thermometers which when break can cause systemic toxicity, plus it is found at high levels in freshwater fish like Bass, and ocean fish like king mackerel and shark. Arsenic is common in herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, certain paints, seafood and seaweed. Cadmium is high in tobacco smoke, and electric batteries.

Chronic heavy metal toxicity can show itself in variety of signs and symptoms including Gastrointestinal disorders, Heart problems like hypertension, Neurological conditions, Blood disorders like anemia, hair, skin and nail discoloration, Allergies, DNA damage and malignancies. Accumulation of toxic elements over period of time damages the organs like kidneys, lungs, and liver.

Toxic elements interrupt cellular antioxidant pathways, and compete with the essential minerals in enzymatic activities. For instance lead interferes with calcium function affecting bones and bone marrow in blood production; it also affects endocrine glands like thyroid and alters levels of thyroid hormones. Thallium impacts potassium affecting the nervous and cardiovascular system, and some like Cadmium, Arsenic, Nickel, Gallium, and Cobalt cause DNA mutation and considered carcinogen. Mercury affects the immune system causing auto immune issues, by oxidizing the LDL it increases the cardiovascular disorders, it also impacts glands and digestive system.

Levels of the elements in the body are measured via blood tests, urine test and mineral analysis of tissues like hair. High blood level of the elements is indicative of the recent exposure to them and is not reflective of the body’s tissue overload over long time. Also some of the elements like Arsenic very quickly disappear from the blood and deposit in the tissues and organs. Therefore, blood test is not reliable enough to diagnose chronic toxic overload. Urine test as well is a way of measuring elements; however it shows the recent overload of the toxic elements and will not provide accurately measurable results for chronic exposure. Urine test after administration of Chelators may show the existence of the elements and it is useful for comparing before and after numbers however it does not provide standard range. Tissue analysis of hair and nail is more reliable to determine the accumulative exposure to toxic elements, but it is less sensitive to very low exposures.

The first step to reduce the toxicity rates is to reduce the general exposure to the toxins by identifying the sources and practice the safety measurements in the working environment to avoid or minimize exposure as much as possible.

Next important step is to prevent the nutritional deficiencies. The essential minerals and nutrients compete with the absorption of toxic elements, so they block or reduce toxic elements' absorption. For instance those with low levels of Iron absorb more of Cadmium, and those with lower Calcium levels absorb more of the Lead. Therefore taking the balance and sufficient amount of essential minerals and trace minerals limits the absorption of toxic elements. Certain nutrients are also able to reverse or neutralize the toxins' damaging oxidative effects on the cells, tissues and organs.

Some of the trace minerals like Selenium not only block the absorption of the toxic elements like mercury and arsenic but also increase their excretion from the body. A human study found supplementation by 100 mcg of Selenemethionine reduced the mercury toxicity of the tissue (hair analysis) by 34% within a short period of 4 months.

Another multiple human studies show that the soluble silica (orthosilic acid) Reduces the absorption of aluminum and increased its urine excretion significantly without affecting the essential minerals. Some of the participant in this study improve their cognitive function. Also other human study suggests orthosilic acid potentially increases the excretion of other toxic metals such as arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, lead, tin, nickel significantly without negatively impacting the electrolyte balance.

Sulfur containing amino acids like Cysteine are necessary for body's production of the important heavy metal chelators such as Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Folate plays a role as a co-factor in metabolism of amino acids such as Cysteine and it shown to reduce blood mercury level in human. N- Acetyl Cysteine is another sulfur provider; also capable of binding to heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium and increase their excretion. Glycine is a simple amino acid participating in Glutathione's synthesis; plus by itself is a great heavy metal detoxifier. Garlic is very rich in sulfur compounds. Animal studies show its ability to significantly reduce cadmium, mercury, and lead accumulation in the liver tissue.

Probiotics are able to trap some of the toxins in the digestive tract. Some of the probiotics show more affinity for certain toxins. This is helping to reduce the gastrointestinal tissue accumulation of toxic elements. For instance, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus sub species shows to bind with cadmium and lead in the laboratory tests.

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) significantly at 25-20 grams daily increases the excretion of heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead within a short period of time somewhere between 150% to 550% depending on the elements without affecting the essential minerals.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well play a role in heavy metal detoxification. Vitamin C reduces the cellular absorption of lead, also it prevents the oxidative damage from the heavy metals. Vitamin E due to its high antioxidant activity reduces the damaging oxidative effects of the heavy metals on the cells.

Considering the impacts of the chronic toxicity with heavy metals on the various organs, and that how easily one can be exposed to them, it is important to take preventative approach and find an ongoing cleansing protocol to keep their levels as low as possible. And if you are interested to know about your levels of Essential and Toxic elements, please contact Health Palace to request for a test.

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