Vitanica Pro Sleep Raspberry Tonic 120ml

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  • Vitanica Pro Sleep Raspberry Tonic 120ml
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Vitanica Pro Sleep Raspberry Tonic 120ml:

Tasty Tonics are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed with therapeutic doses and blended with natural flavors & essential oils to taste great and encourage compliance for daily use.

Sleep Tonic supports the natural sleep and relaxation process, this formula takes advantage of research indicating blends of botanicals to help support sleep are better than any single herb by itself.


Valerian root is one the most well-researched herbs promoting sleep and relaxation.

Lemon Balm (Melissa) is a traditional herb used to support sleep naturally. It is also well known as a nerve tonic.

Passion flower is also a well-known calming herb, supportive of the sleep and relaxation process.

A subtle but natural raspberry flavor makes this formula fun to take before bedtime, encouraging good sleep hygiene.

Suggested Dose: 1 teaspoon daily, or when needed, 30 minutes before bedtime. Dilute in 2-3 ounces of warm or cool water, or to taste as a pleasant herbal tea. May also be taken undiluted, directly in the mouth. May be taken with Vitanica’s Sleep Blend™ for a thorough night’s sleep.

Please Note: Herbal Residue inside the bottle and/or dropper is normal and does not affect the quality/effectiveness of the product.

Cautions: Avoid with pregnancy or lactation, if using chemotherapy treatments or on antifungals. Do not use with sedative and anxiety treatments, and alcohol.

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