Health Palace COVID 19

FAQs about orders and the COVID-19 virus

Health Palace's operations continue but delivery times may be longer than usual.

Can I place an order? Will carrier deliver the package?

Yes, at Health Palace our dedicated staff are working hard to maintain a selection of priority items for our customers. In some cases, due to high demand, delivery times may be longer than usual. Please avoid using delivery addresses for buildings that may be closed due to the current provisions (e.g. schools).

We are trying to prioritize professional product inquiries and orders as clients are taking those for their existing health conditions .

Supplies and high demand products coming into our facility every day, so we receive, restock and ship these products. Our team try their best to keep the availability of the products, and continue to bring on additional capacity to deliver customer orders. We are continuing to ship all available selection in our inventory.

If an item goes out of stock, but we know the shipment is on the way, the related orders are kept in place and fulfilled before those items become available for ordering online again. Therefore if your order contains back order items although it will be delayed but, prioritized as soon as the new shipment arrives.

What's the status of my order and delivery? Can I modify or change something in my order?

We are not able and will not guarantee that could provide modifications, add on, change address, and cancellations. Please review your order carefully and consider delays. Soon after you place the order the information is sent to our facility along with so many more like yours, simply high volume and implemented new changes in our facility to adjust with current safety requirements does not allow for those extra inquires while also helping to ensure the safety and health of our staff.

Our preference is to process, pick and pack as many order as we can, those requests requires more time spent for one shipment, and delay processing other orders.

We would like to emphasize that although you may call customer service or contact us via message, or email, our staff in facility may not be able to catch up with those demands sent from customer service, and majority of the time they have already processed the order.

Awaiting Fulfillment does not mean the order is not being processed (The status of an order is not being updated until the parcel processed in Canada Post facility. Canada Post is also having delays in processing the parcels and limitation for their daily pickups, therefore majority of the time when you are calling to cancel or modify an order, it is already on the skid and can not be dogged out. For more information on Canada Post delay announcement click here.

You receive tracking information automatically by email once the parcel is in Canada Post (mainly) facility.

We love to ship orders as fast as we can. Our dedicated team is working around the clock to process the orders; at the same time, our inventory rapidly change while our suppliers during the current situation are not performing at their optimum capacity experiencing shortage of raw materials, packing supply, low staff member, and so on; therefore, despite of all our efforts it seems delays are not avoidable.

Can I still make returns?

As a common recommended practice for the purpose of health and safety of each and every one of our clients, our staff, carries, and for the integrity of products, hygienic restrictions, and quality control purposes, Returns, Exchange, Refund, and Store Credits are not applicable for for any of goods purchased & delivered during Covid -19 Pandemic ( From Jan 2020- up to 2 months after the pandemic is officially over).

Thank you
Health Palace Team.